aquarium gravel

Freshwater Aquarium Gravel

When setting up a freshwater aquarium, one of the essential components you will need are substrates. Substrates are just something that’s referred to as a layer of something on top of another thing.  Aquarium substrates come in many different types.   … Read More

How Do Fish Sleep Night

How Do Fish Sleep At Night

While fish do not sleep like land mammals will, fish do sleep, even though it doesn’t seem like they ever do. Due to instinct, when it’s night time, the body naturally begins to slow down and need to rest.  Sleeping … Read More


Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners

There are hundreds of fish you can raise in a freshwater aquarium.  If you’re just starting out, you will want fish that is easy to care for.  The best freshwater aquarium fish for beginners are those that require just the … Read More