can goldfish bite

Can Goldfish Bite? Learn The Truth

All fish have teeth and goldfish are no different. These teeth are designed for their eating habits. Some have teeth that are designed to catch and kill prey. Others have teeth that are designed just for holding onto their food. … Read More

Why Does My Fish Tank Turn Green

Why Does My Fish Tank Turn Green?

Once in a while, you may notice your fish tank turned to the color green. Most aquarium owners would start to panic and wondering what they did wrong.  Everyone knows a healthy fish tank is clear in color, but when … Read More

why is my betta fish not moving

Why Is My Betta Fish Not Moving? 4 Common Reasons Why

Betta fish are popular among aquarist due to their vibrant colors and active personality.  These fish will keep you entertained for hours.  However, there are some instances where you approach them and they seem motionless, just drifting around the aquarium.  … Read More